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In Cool Gear and Stuff on March 2, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Korkers Guide Boot

Last weekend I visited the Pleasanton fly fishing show. I hadn’t been to a fly fishing exhibit for some time, so it was nice to run into some familiar faces. My favorite product of the whole show were the new wading boots by Korkers. Korkers came up with an ingenious system that lets you easily replace the sole of your boot. From what I can tell  the system seems very well designed.  Imagine being able to hike a few miles in “hiking mode” and then once you get to the river switch to either felt, aqua-stealth or a studded solJason showing how to change the sole on a Korkers boot.e. The soles are small enough to fit easily into a back back. To top it off  Jason Charlet of Korkers showed the new Korkers guide boot.  
The Boot  incorporates Boa Technology’s patented replaceable stainless steel lace and reel system, in short no more laces! Just get into the boot, spin the reel and the stainless steel lace system will create a snug fit around your foot. I really never understood why in the 21st century we still use shoe laces, a technology that was invented some 5000 years ago, so I am glad to see Korkers is thinking outside the box. Now let me go back  to beating myself over the head for just recently buying a new pair of boots with laces ;-( 


Hands Free Fishing? 
Fish Hands Free
Ever wanted to be able to just have something hold your rod while tying a fly or take a picture. Well Dave Walko came up with a simple  solution with his “Fish Hands Free” product. His two hook system attaches to your fishing vest or wader straps and holds your rode, leaving your hands free . . . genius!  If you want to see how it works just click here

  1. I met a couple guides last year that swear by those korkers. I look forward to trying them myself!

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