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Hat Creek Ranch

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hat creek

View of Hat Creek

Spring break was rapidly approaching and my wife and I were desperately trying to find something fun to do with the kids. We hadn’t had a vacation for close to two years, being freelance photographers, with two kids, it is always hard for us to coordinate anything long term especially in the summer months. It also happened that the kids spring break fell right around my birthday week (yes we celebrate birthdays for a week in our little family), so it became clear we needed to find a place that was kid friendly and had some fly fishing in the off season. I called my friends at The Fly Shop in Redding to see if they had any suggestions and they just had the perfect place for us, Hat Creek Ranch near Burney, CA. While Hat Creek was still closed for fishing for the season, the Ranch itself had three private trout ponds that were open all year.  Needless to say it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince us to jump on it.

What makes Hat Creek Ranch so perfect for families is its location.  Burney Falls and Lassen Volcanic National Park are near by and are a must visit, but there are many other scenic places you can discover.  And there is of course some great fly fishing in the area, including the lower blue ribbon section of Hat Creek, the Fall River and the Pit River. Even in the off season there is still some great fly fishing to be had, the Pit River and Baum Lake are open all year.

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Tips & Tricks – What to do when you drown your camera

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Let’s face it shit happens, to some more than to others. Drowning cameras is one of those things I actually seem to be quiet good at. In fact over the last 15 years I have drowned one Leica, a Nikon F3, several point and shoots and my trusted Canon 20D backup camera. In fact the image above was taken with my 20D just before it totally got submerged right next to the fish – now that would have been a picture 😉 The amazing thing is that of all the cameras I drowned over the years, the Canon 20D was one of the very few I was able to save, despite the fact that it was submerged the longest and had the most electronics in it. 

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